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Deep moisture with a touch of calmness

Posted on January 18 2018


If you're the person who's constantly having a dehydrated skin, then search no more!

Our customers have sent us their feedback on how soft and deeply hydrated their skin is after the use of our Crème de Camélia.

Though light, it gives your skin a moisture boost and on top of that, it is allergy-certified, therefore contains no nasties at all.

As its name suggests, it is rich in Camellia Oil (White Tea), which is renowned for its anti-ageing properties since the dawn of time. Thanks to its high content in Oleic acid and in Vitamin A, Camellia Oil is excellent to condition and restructure damaged skin. Its almost identical match to our skin oils makes the Crème de Camélia an emulsion that is readily absorbed without leaving any greasy feeling.

Did you also know?

The winter-blooming Camelia flower had been harvested for centuries by women famed for their glowing skin and long, lustrous hair. The geisha adopted their secret, using the oil to remove their iconic stage makeup and nourish their skin.

Our Crème de Camélia is fragrance-free (of course, since it is allergy-certified) but if you wish to add some holistic relaxing scent on top of enhancing its moisturising properties, just add a few drops of our Soothing Facial Oil to it in the palm of your hands. Mix and cup your hands over your nose to take a deep breath of the scent before gently massaging over the entire face and neck. Divine! :)

Should you wish to use the Soothing Facial Oil as a serum, then simply massage it before applying the Crème de Camélia. Another option is to use one of our facial oils alone at night and the Crème de Camélia (or any other o.Moi face creams) in the morning. Voilà! Many different options to choose depending on the day and on your mood. :)

If you have already tried any of our duos, you're most welcome to leave a comment below. 

Thank you and beautiful day to you!


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